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RO 50 LPH Hi-Tech Water Purifier

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Power Consumption 48 Volt DC
Reject Water Appx. 50%
Production Rate Upto 50 Lph

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Quality MS Made in MS metal & powder coating and SS 316 L Housing
S.S. Made in SS 304 with SS 316 L Housing
S.S. DELUXE Made in SS 304 with SS 316 L Housing
Feed Pump For Pressurised Feed of Raw water
Sand Filter Removes suspended Particles
G.A. Carbon Filter Removes heavy organic impurities and dissolved gases
High Pressure Pump Create Osmotic pressure for the Reverse Osmosis pressure
Membrane Dissolve Solids up to 0.0001 Micron
Final Polishing Filter Maintained pH vale of water
S.S. Skid S.S. 304 quality Skid to mount the whole system
Pre Filter 20″ X 20″ Micron PP Filter USA, 20″ X 5″ Micron PP Filter USA
Carbon Filter 20″Activated Carbon Block Filter-Taiwan.
Booster Pump To Pressurize 125 psi –AQ &Q/KemFlow/ Deng Yuan – 2 Nos
Membrane Filmtec – 5 Nos.
Pressure Meter 1 Pcs.
Auto Flushing Solenoid Valve (Korea)
Automatic on & off System Floating switch
Indicators Power, Working, Low Pressure, High Pressure,Flushing

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